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Swedish concertos for clarinet and bassoon

GOTHE Clarinet Concerto Cadenza - Awakening - Tuning
Vivaldi moods
CRUSSEL Concertino for bassoon Allegro brillante - Poco adagio - Allegro Allegro moderato Polacca

Agnas AM019

Times are changing with bewildering rapidity.

This CD from Sweden is supplied for consideration in a slim, elegant book format, with no notes and minimal information on the covers.

It is, however, rather good.

So, turn to the Agnas firm's website, as I did, and you will find at http://www.agnas.se/gotheeng.html what I illustrate belowto get us going...

The two concertante works are one contemporary, by Larsson Gothe (b.1965) about whom "There is no biography available". and the other by Bernhard Crussel of whom you might just about have heard - here, Wikpedia comes to your aid and from the Agnas site picture you will already have guessed that he is not a contemporary composer; actually 1775-1838...

Before his bassoon concertino, impressively performed, there is a worrying short piece vivaldi moods for "non-acoustic clarinet and bassoon" (!), a collaborative improvisation by the two soloists over a theme by Vivaldi ?

Fresh, lively music-making right through, with a good chamber orchestra from Dalas directed by Alexander Hanson.

Clearly this is not a CD to buy as a package; it is surely designed for download marketing. So best leave you to explore for yourself at http://www.agnas.se/gotheeng.html

Peter Grahame Woolf