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Guitars on CD
reviewd by Georgina Whitehead

Mauro Giuliani

Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra No.3

Gran Quintetto for Guitar and Strings

Variations for Guitar and String Quartet


Edoardo Catemario - Guitar

The Wiener Akademie/Martin Haselböck


Arts 47689-8  SACD


In this very fine recordingf any listener will be able to be rewarded with a rare variety of the lesser recorded quintet works of Mauro Giuliani (1781 – 1829), his Op. 101, 102 and 103 alongside the Grand Quintet op.65 and the concerto in F op.70.


This refreshing (super audio) recording also has the additional benefit of performances on original instruments including a Terzina guitar with The Wiener Akademie early music ensemble conducted by Martin Haselböck.


The impeccable ensemble and balance between the players along with the tone colours of the period instruments recreates the light Vieniese style very well, particularly in the quintets.


Bjuhr, Enström, Hjorth, Olofsson, Rapacki, Storm

Human Relations

Lauri Karlström – Guitar

Pascal Jardry – Guitar & Alto Guitar


Human Relations CYO801


For those wishing to hear the guitar in a modern context this CD is certainly an eye (ear) opener. It contains a variety of solo and guitar duo works aimed towards the ambiguous concepts of relations and humans and the dualism between them which is very clearly found in the work Human Relations by Peter Bjuhr.


The electronic preludes and interludes by Stefan Klaverdal and Daniel Hjorth are particularly enjoyable.


The use of mini electric fans in the final dramatic duo work, Let Newton Be by Hjorth, allows the listener to gain a new perspective on guitar tremolo technique without the conventional right hand fingers!


Note: All the composers live in Malmo, which made it possible to get them together for Julia Wagner's photo ! This is a quite exceptional debut recording, leaving us eager for a sequel three years on? Production by C-Y contemporary is immaculate, as are the English texts ! [Editor]


Astor Piazzolla


Introduction al Angel



Adios Nonion

The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires


The Cavatina Duo

Eugenia Moliner – Flute

Denis Azabagic – Guitar


Bridge 9330


The impeccable Cavatina Duo will leave its listeners mesmerised by their flawless technique and assured performances of these very well revised editions of Piazzolla’s most popular works. The highly technically demanding parts by Sergio and Clarice Assad are easily overcome by both Moliner and Azabagic.


The arrangements of the solo tango flute etudes (with arranged guitar parts by Assad) and The Four Seasons are particularly worth noting, with very tasteful cadenzas additions, the complex guitar parts keeping the listener’s attention whist keeping within Piazzolla’s unique sound world.

Murphy’s arrangement of Adios Nonino also makes a refreshing change to other standard arrangements found and is performed excellently by the Cavatina Duo.


Georgina Whitehead


* Georgina attracted a full house (overflow sitting on the floor !) and enthusiastic audence for her nicely played 25 September recital of Ponce, Brotons, Scarlatti & Mangoré at The Crypt Room, St. Mary the Virgin Church in Lewisham, an ideal venue, marred only a little by ambulance sirens for the hospital next door !
Very encouraging these days when so many concerts are poorly attended. [Editor]