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Haydn Piano Trios Nos 22, 24, 25 & 26

Trio Goya
Maggie Cole - Fortepiano
Kati Debretzeni - Violin
Sebastian Comberti - Cello

Chandos Chaconne CHAN 0771

Here is a very nice disc of four Haydn trios recorded in 2008 by Trio Goya over a four-day period at a studio in Wiltshire.

The "Goya" connection is explained by following my link, as too will be the tricksy back cover with gratuitous overprinting of photographer York Tillyer's photo of the group by the Chandos arts people...!

See Tillyer's original photo, which has the cello complete, on their own website, where it looks indeed like a studio where, I guess, they seemed to have had a pleasant, leisurely time perfecting their recorded performances?

These are very good performances, sound perfectly balanced, competitive with any others. It is great that the battle is nearly won and that period instruments are now generally chosen for this repertoire.

Peter Grahame Woolf

P.S. Having re-heard this disc on good earphones, I am inclined to assert that they are possibly the best Haydn piano trio performances on record. Maggie Cole's virtuosity is scintillating, and the strings are content to accept the more subsidiary role which Haydn allocated them before the full emancipation and equality which gradually came to pianoforte trios in due course. These trios are, in their own special ways, as important in Haydn's develpment as his masterly contribution to other genres but, as with his operas, they have languished in full appreciation.

I look forward to more from Trio Goya. PGW