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Paweł Hendrich Chamber Works

Diversicorium for Chamber Ensemble (2005)
Multivalentis for Clarinet, Trombone, Cello & Piano (2006)
Cyclostratus for Violin, Bass Clarinet, Marimba, Piano and Beatbox (2008)
Diaphanoid for Voice and Chamber Ensemble (2010)
4 Diaphanoid na głos i zespół kameralny / Diaphanoid for Voice and Chamber Ensemble (2010)
Liolit for Chamber Orchestra (2009-2010)
Hyloflex αβ for String Orchestra and Computer (2007-2009)

Kuba Badach - vocal, Paweł Hendrich - computer, Kwartludium, New Music Orchestra - cond. Szymon Bywalec, Michał Siciński - clarinet, bass clarinet, Elżbieta Woleńska - flute, piccolo flute, Jakub „Zgas” Żmijowski - beatboxer

DUX 0754 [60 mins]

Do not be put off by apparent short measure; you'll want to play all these tracks twice at least.

Hendrich (b.1979) is a remarkably assured composer, successful in his country; to our loss, unknown in ours.

His original thinking is reflected in his intriguing titles. The music is as varied as the instrumentations suggest. Hendrich employs complex underlying systems which he has developed, but the ordinary listener will not take those in; nonetheless they contribute to a sense of something orderly happening, albeit with sudden contrasts, and a balance between those and, too, in the carefully thought out orderings of the tracks.

The thirty page multilingual notes (Jan Topolski) are intelligible, which many aren't; you don't grasp the whole of the analyses, but they give enough to launch your listening; the music itself holds attention right through each piece.

This, the latest received from the Dux "Young Composers in Homage to Frederic Chopin" series is as distinguished as the others reviewed; recommended wholeheartedly to exploring listeners.

Peter Grahame Woolf