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Strindberg, Hedelin, Elgh, Hedås, Petersson, Lindgren, Blomdahl

The peärls before swïne experience
Sara Hammarström, flutes George Kentros, violin, Mats Olofsson, cello and Mårten Landström, piano

Phono Suecia PSCD 183

Here are short pieces commissioned from "composers we trust" by this innovative Swedish quartet consisting of flute(s) and piano trio, with electronics for some of the tracks.

The instrumentation gives a unity within diversity, the flutes prominent in the textures. The genesis of the group and explanation of its strange title is to be seen at http://www.swinepearl.com/svin1eng.html

Descriptions are really redundant; the character of the music is suitably various and Phono Suecia generously makes all the tracks available, streamed complete and in good sound quality.

Listen and enjoy; most of the pieces make for comfortable listening, but none of them is minimalist or naive, and each track will encourage further explorations of the composers represented. The wildest is the last, Anti Focus, which goes 'to heavy metal and beyond', "one of the most violent pieces of chamber music to have come from a Swedish composer"...

But do buy the disc; its presentation is excellent, with informative notes by Erik Wallrup (the English translations are impeccable) and brief introductions to "place" each individual piece.

peärls before swïne should be invited to London's Kings Place, The Warehouse or The Spitz?

Peter Grahame Woolf


swïne live [caprice 21715] is an excellent sequel from a group who are determined to keep fresh and not to just repeat themselves.

Composers here include some better-known names, e g David Lang, Anders Hillborg and Tristan Murail, their pieces ndividual and well contrasted.

Stan Hanson creates brief interludes to characterise the live concert situation in which the main tracks were all recorded.

Imaginative and equally enjoyable as was their last disc.