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Castrucci and Geminiani

“Six Sonatas or Solos contriv’d & fitted for a flute and a bass, collected out of the last new Solos compos’d by Mr. Geminiani & Castrucci…” [London, J. Walsh (1718-1725)]

Pernille Petersen, recorder
Gunnhild Tønder, harpsichord
Tom Pitt, cello

CDKlassisk 1054 [ClassicO]

Prizewinner in Greenwich last year, this debut CD confirms excellent impressions of Pernille Petersen at the Moeck/SRP competition (though her runner-up Per Gross - both of them pupils of Dan Laurin - is no slouch...).

A fine disc from the instrument's core Baroque repertoire, it will surely be snapped up at next weekend's Festival and Exhibition at the Old Royal Naval College. A good Hogarth illustration tells us that musicians had problems practising even in the 18th C.

A couple of points for possible multilingual re-printing: enthusiasts will want to know whch of her Bressan and Terton instruments were used for each item? And the English translation of the excellent essay about The Italians coming to Barbaric England needs hyphenation adjustment e.g. tho-se and insuran-ce...

I hope Pernille will soon follow up with a disc of her contemporary repertoire?

Peter Grahame Woolf