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Pierné works for solo piano

Variations en ut mineur
Etude de concert ;
Trois pièces formant suite de concert ;

Laurent Wagschal
, piano

Timpani 1C1178

I am pleased to note that Discovery Records highlights this disc as their CD of the Month.

It is valuable in its own right for excellent piano playing and recording, but particularly for bringing back to notice Henri Constant Gabriel Pierné (1863 – 1937), a composer long relegated to oblivion despite having been considered one of the most important representatives of the French School during his lifetime [JTTuttle].

Latter he was remembered for his "March of the Little Lead Soldiers", which I knew well from days of yore...

The Variations and Passacaglia are major works which would grace any recital programme (it is interesting that neither of them is noted in the Wikipedia page, which needs amending) and the others are good strong concert pieces.

Peter Grahame Woolf

Enjoy on YouTube a movement from the Piano Concerto with the piano score passing in front of your eyes; fearsome pianism!