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Prior: Velesslavitsa
Concerto for piano, two violins and cello

Zhang Xiao Ming (piano), Michael Province & Simone Preston (violins)
& Nathan Chan (cello)
Northern Sinfonia/Alexander Prior

Toccata Classics - TOCC0109 Live Recording 2009, Remastered

The British-Russian composer was c.16, the pianist 10, and the string players in between. The music is neo-Russian Romantic and Prior surely has a great future in the film music & TV business, being obviously a very capable musician and an effective conductor, vouched for by the orchestra. The poise and responsiveness in ensemble of young Zhang make this a disc to hear and share with your families, especially if they include and aspiring musicians.

A pity Toccata doesn't have access to the video; it would (will?) be twice as attractive as a DVD.

Peter Grahame Woolf

Video of last movement on YouTube "blocked in UK for copyright reasons" [EDITOR]