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JOHANN ROSENMÜLLER German Sacred Concertos

Siehe an die Werke Gottes; Ach Herr, strafe mich nicht; Vater, ich habe gesündigt; Sonate Nr. 2 (für Violine und Fagott); Jesu süß, wer dein gedenket; Entsetze dich Natur; Was steht ihr hie; Ich weiß, daß mein Erlöser lebt; Daran ist erschienen die Liebe Gottes


Christophorus CHR77319 CD

This is a very special recording of music (much of it still unpublished) by a composer whose name only was vaguely known to me. It is a reissue of one recorded at the turn of the century (not 1-3.11.1000 !) in a Leipzig church. The solo singers seem to be integrated into the chorus and whilst they are named collectively alongside the instrumentalists (the director Arno Paduch also plays conett) the individual sopranos and tenors are not identified for particular items; a pity because they are good.

The texts are biblical passages and poems, an anonymous one Be shaken, nature giving rise to the most remarkable work, nearly 20 mins long. The direction is enlivening and the acoustics and sound management make for most satisfying listening.

How easily one might have missed this in going through monthly lists to choose requests...

Strongly recommended to 17th C enthusiasts.

Peter Grahame Woolf

More at: http://www.christophorus-records.de/v2.php?p=0&do=detail&c=11232#

See the ensemble at http://www.johann-rosenmueller-ensemble.de/?p=72&langswitch_lang=en