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Aribert Reimann

Cantus, for clarinet & orchestra; Solo, for clarinet; Arietta, for basset clarinet

Capriccio CD 5020

This disc showcases the superb clarinettist/composer Jorg Widmann, the only reason to recommend it.

It is well recorded from Cologne, but the production is appalling, with multi-typos and no texts or translations of the vocal items. There are large spaces in most of the glossy pages, and the print space is given up to redundant and over-inclusive CVs in several languages, which no-one will read, but seem unavoidable these days. There is a glamour photo of a pianist who takes part in one track, but none of composer, clarinettist or conductor...

The dark Cantus is a fine addition to the clarinet/concertante repertoire, and the solos display Widmann's total control. Skipping tracks from Solo to Arietta is rewarding, because there is total equality of tone between the end of the first and the beginning of the other, despite their being played on different instruments.

The disc is featured on the Naxos catalogue, so perhaps Capriccio might negotiate the possibility to add the essential texts and translations to their website? Then I'd have another listen.

Peter Grahame Woolf

see also: Jörg Widmann at Wigmore Hall

Comment received: The review is fine, I agree with the comments re packaging,. Too many bad booklets. I have just reviewed one which has the most appalling English translated from the Polish. BB