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The Rosamunde Quartet
Celibadache's Heritage

The Rosamunde Quartet’s promotional DVD certainly gives an interesting insight into their four way marriage. To be commended is that it does not gloss over the more gritty aspects of their profession.

The quartet do not always agree; constantly striving for the best, heated debates flourish. However their mutual respect, shared humour and the satisfaction they gain from their artistic connection are highly evident.

Snapshots of how music fits into their everyday lives are intriguing. Brutally honest, Anja Lechner admits she was not a prodigy; cello was something she had to work hard at to master. Simon Fordham practices Japanese calligraphy in his spare time; the proportion, clarity and control required for this mirroring his role as second violinist in the quartet. Similarly their viola player, Helmut Nicola, finds balance and tranquillity in nature. Andreas Reiner, a driving force, not only leads the quartet but has also founded his own record label.

Shared by all four is a reverence for their late mentor, Sergiu Celibadache, as well as a love of sushi!

Although not primarily a showcase of their performances the viewer is treated to some gems, including some of the vibrant music created during their collaboration with the Argentinian Dino Saluzzi. There is something for everyone, Luigi Nono for contemporary music fans and Beethoven for the classicists, showing the wide variety of styles embraced by The Rosamunde Quartet

Anna Michel

There is a video of The Rosamunde Quartet playing Beethoven on YouTube, but (unlike the excellent DVD) its filming is horridly pretentious, so I don't recommend it ! [Editor]