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Roussel Symphonies complete, ballets
and other orchestral music

Royal Scottish National Orchestra & Chorus/Stéphane Denève [2006-9]


Complete details, with reviews, at arkivmusic502916

Amongst composers of the first half of the 20 C, never quite in the public forefront, one of my personal favourites is Albert Roussel (1869 - 1937), long championed by Naxos and with their admired Glasgow recordings now brought together in this valuable bargain box, with all the original full notes supplied, available from c.£13.

Roussel's way with harmony and orchestration is piquant and unique, and once you get onto his wavelength, his music is addictive, so having so much of it in one package is very worth while, indeed an integrale is the way to collect it, and without breaking the bank.

Usually Roussel is concise in saying what he wants to directly, with wit and unexpected compression; the earlier symphonies and ballets are more expansive; the symphonies are the backbone of the collection, but shorter orchestral works are very strong and winning.


Peter Grahame Woolf

Two of the discs are reviewed on their original releases PGW