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Sebastian Fagerlund orchestral music

Clarinet Concerto
Partita for string orchestra and percussion
Isola for symphony orchestra

Christoffer Sundqvist (clarinet)
Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra/Dima Slobodeniouk


This disc introduces a significant Finnish composer with three admirable works which will seize and maintain attention. He shows an awareness of musical history and an interest in modern urban life, both reflected in far ranging modes of expression which are never superficial.

The clarinet concerto is a gift to young experts on the instrument, and should be heard everywhere. The Partita is deeply expressive and uses a percussion counterpoint for the string orchestra in most imaginiative ways, reflecting his "neo-mystical" affiliation to composers concerned with "life's fundamental mystery". Isola expresses "isolation and solitude" disturbingly.

- - fast flow and rhythmic elasticity are often offset by fragile and lyrically sensitive episodes, and the shift between mobility and immobility is in fact one of the salient features of Fagerlund’s music. A highly virtuotic instrumental feel and a strong sense of musicianship is manifested in all his works creating musical dramas in which powerful expression is combined with intensity and communicativeness.[Peters Edn].

Recommended; don't pass by this one.

Peter Grahame Woolf