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Liszt: Marc-André Hamelin

Benediction de Dieu dans la solitude (Harmonies poétiques et religieuses, No. 3)
Venezia e Napoli (3 pieces), S. 162
Fantaisia & Fugue on B.A.C.H.
Piano Sonata in B minor, S178

Marc-André Hamelin (piano)

Hyperion CDA67760

Tackling this compilation in parts, we have enjoyed and marvelled at the Benediction de Dieu & Venezia e Napoli; warmed less to the Bach tribute - and haven't faced up to yet another hearing of the Sonata this year (q.v. recent encounters at Berman, & Cyprien Katsaris recorded live).

The recording in London's Henry Wood Hall during 3 days in August 2010 is immaculate, but I suspect Marc-André Hamelin could have put those performances down live in an hour and a half with results that would be virtually indistinguishable...

There is no reason to doubt Hamelin's Sonata will be one of the very best*.
I leave its evaluation however to "comparatist reviewers" elsewhere....

If you too haven't got Hyperion's 99 CDs box set of Liszt (Leslie Howard) on your shelves, I certainly recommend this, Hamelin's latest release.

Peter Grahame Woolf

* Yes, and so it undoubtedly is! We came back to the Sonata after hearing Stephen Hough's Liszt No 1 on a very disappointing CD of Liszt & Grieg concertos - also Hyperion [CDA67824] A very "studio sounding" disc, with unlikely balance and no "atmosphere"; the piano too loud & the triangle too quiet... But consult other reviews by Liszt afficionados. (Hough's Liszt Sonata which I've not heard is highly rated) PGW