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F Mancini & A Scarlatti - Musica Pacifica

Concert di camera

Dorian Recordings DOR 93209 & 93192

A few days immersed in this group's baroque music recordings have been hugely rewarding - q.v. Byrd, Telemann & Baroque.

These are two of their earlier recordings; musical values are admirable, but the presentations show inexperience contrasted with later productions.

It is not easy to collate the booklet text, which is inclined to ramble somewhat, with particular works and tracks. And the essay on Scarlatti is so pale grey that it needs lighting to be readable!

But that should not be a deterrent; these are fine accounts of rare/unknown early chamber music by Francesco Mancini of Naples, and Domenico Scarlatti's father, whose chamber music from extreme old age proves not to have deserved its comparative neglect.

Recommended- there isn't much competition for these ground-breaking San Francisco specialists...

Peter GrahameWoolf

See also http://www.musicalpointers.co.uk/ByrdTelemann&Baroque.html#pacifica