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Mozart: Une Soiree chez les Jacquin

Due pupille amabili - Notturno K439. Adagio in C - cor anglais violin viola and cello KAnh94/K580a. Luci care luci belle - Notturno K346/K439a. Allegro assai in B flat - two clarinets and three basset-horns KAnh95/484b. Adagio in B flat - two clarinets and three basset-horns K411/484a. Piu non si trovano - Notturno K549. Keyboard Trio No.2 'Kegelstatt' in E flat K498. Ach zu kurz ist unsers Lebens Lauf - canon 4 in 2 K228/515b. Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra in A K622 : Sketches for Basset Horn version K621b. Liebes Madchen hor mir zu - trio K441c. Mi lagnero tacendo - notturno K437. Se lontan ben mio - Notturno K438. Adagio in F K410/K484d. Sonata for Keyboard Duet in C K521. Ecco quel fiero istante - Notturno K436. Allegro in F K484e. Bona nox bis a rechta Ox K561

Ensemble 415 / Gilles Thomé / Arthur Schoonerwoerd / Sandrine Piau / Chiara Banchini

Zig Zag Territoires 990701

Here is a fabulous double CD from Zig Zag, one of the most enterprizing of European labels, bringing together authentic accounts of the Kegelstat Trio, surely the best on record, and the sonata for keyboard duet in C with some minor works of Mozart, with a survey of the development of clarinets and basset-horn.

A 78 page illustrated booklet includes revelatory articles by Gilles Thomé, clarinettist and basset-horn specialist, who seems to have master-minded it, bringing in as collaborators Robbins Landon & many others.

A fabulous collection to entertain and bring a new perspective to Mozart, sung and played by specialists on early instruments with enormous flair and panache.

Worth searching for if you've been following the recent BBC Mozart total immersion days and want a different angle on it all.

Peter Grahame Woolf

See Amazon review: - a mine for Mozart specialists - a brilliant package: well-thought out, well-played, and well-recorded. - - Gilles Thome has put great care into putting all this together. Besides the basset horn concerto (K. 621b), a fine performance of the clarinet trio K. 498; exceptionally rich and beautiful notturni for vocal trio and three basset horns or clarinets K. 436-439, K. 346, and K. 549; the sonata for piano four hands in C, K. 521 on a copy of a 1793 Lengerer fortepiano; sketches and other works for various combinations of clarinet, basset horn, and bassoon K. 484b, K. 411, K. 580a, and K. 410; and perhaps most surprising of all, the hilarious canons "Liebes Mandel, wo ist's Bandel?" K. 441 and the scatalogical, macaronic"Bona Nox!" (in five languages), a prime example of Mozart at his childish, frivolous best.