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Peter Warlock - remastered original 78rpm recordings

Divine Art: DDH27811

Full track list with names of performers.

This double CD with Orchestral and Chamber Works on CD1 and vocal items on CD2 will be of huge interest to oldest listeners, for whom many of the singers are legendary names, wonderful to hear their voices again.

There are two versions of the Capriol Suite and a rare opportunity to hear treasures such as a 1950 recording of The Curlew with tenor René Soames supported by oboist Leon Goossens and the Aeolian String Quartet.

The booklet contains fascinating and informative notes, rare photographs and original 78rpm matrix numbers with recording dates. I thoroughly enjoyed it for reminiscence and recapturing memories...

This collection has been extensively reviewed, conveniently brought together at http://www.brandon-music.net/DA/CD/rev27811.htm, and include reservations by the ever-perspicacious Tully Potter, who finds that it contatins "regrettable and avoidable flaws, with too many embarrassingly dubious opinions" but recommends it "despite its flaws, for its omnium gatherum qualities".

I thoroughly enjoyed it for reminiscence and recapturing forgotten memories...

Peter Grahame Woolf