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11 American Premieres

Mimi Stillman flute, Charles Abramovic piano

Innova 2-CDs 814 [53+59 mins]

A really great discovery from Philadelphia; a flutist whose natural musicality flows through all these commission, mostly from their "valued colleagues and friends"; good composers virtually unknown in UK, a humbling thought.

The programme is interesting throughout, well contrasted, not a dud amongst them.

I guess the original intention was to make a single CD, but there were some they felt they couldn't leave out...

The composing idioms cover a range of today's, with nothing too "far out modernistic". There are solos amongst the duos.

Mimi takes advanced techniques in her stride without fuss; flutter tonguing, pitch bends, key clicks, tongueless attacks - and foot stomps. Her pianist makes a good contribution, even though he is somewhat overshadowed by his young partner. The over-riding impression is of a musician at ease with herself, not needing to prove anything.

Very special; look it out and enjoy. Unsurprisingly, Mimi Stillman has a substantial presence on YouTube; try a younger Mimi with cello and piano (Charles Abramovic) in the latter's "Beasts"; exhilarating !.

Peter Grahame Woolf