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Ravel, Szymanowski, Stefan Wirth & Schumann

Ravel Sonata Posthume
Szymanowski Myths: Trois Poémes, Op.30
Stefan Wirth Konjunktionen
Schumann Violin Sonata in D minor, Op.121

Deborah Marchetti and Stefan Wirth

Wigmore Hall 7th June 2010

Two great musicians, Deborah Marchetti and Stefan Wirth, gave a real treat at Wigmore Hall, which was nearly empty, surprisingly.

Deborah Marchetti, the youngest winner of the Béla Bartók award, played with a luminous sound and gave an emotionally charged rendition of Schumann’s monumental second violin sonata.

She has a flawless technique which provides a perfect medium through which to portray the music. Equally talented is Stefan Wirth; the pianist of the evening. Not only was her playing sensitive, knowing when to accompany and when to dominate, but Wirth's composition Konjunktionen was both engaging and conceptually interesting. Unfortunately administration problems had left the piano incorrectly prepared, so some of the intended timbres were missing.

The high level of communication between the two was a pleasure to see and they seemed to really enjoy performing together. It was a well designed programme which would have satisfied many Wigmore Hall regulars, coupling the Schumann with lesser known impressionist works (Ravel & Szymanowski) and Wirth’s own more modern Konjunctionen. The pair’s encore, Bartók’s Romanian Dances, completed the spell and they left the stage to rapturous applause.

Anna Michel