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Kurt Weill's Die Dreigroschenoper

Royal Academy of Music Opera Department:
Katie Bray
, Soprano: Polly Peachum [pictured below R]
Stephen Aviss, Tenor: Macheath
Runette Botha
, Soprano: Lucy
Adam Marsden, Baritone: Tiger Brown

Royal Academy of Music Sinfonia/ Dominic Wheeler
John Ramster, Director

Royal Academy Opera at Sir Jack Lyons Theatre, London, 19/20 May 2011

A terrific event of which sadly there were only two performances, the second last night.

Notable for invention and accomplishment on stretched finances, this was a great evening of music theatre which demands revival a.s.a.p.

The integrated producton team deserves congratulations. Staging is pretty basic, but with the generous box of tricks deployed by Lighting Designer Jake Wiltshire you'd never think so (q.v. image above top).

Usually given with actors who sing-a-bit, the RAM opera course students relished their opportunity, and most of them were outstandingy up to the task.

Their German had me thinking that the show was put on because there was a number of native German-speakers in the current department. Not so, none of the main characters were such, and a huge debt of gratitude is due to their language coach Gerhard Gall.

Peter Grahame Woolf

Images: Pete Smith

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