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Arne and JC Bach

Arne Symphony No 4; JC Bach harpsichord concerto Op 1/6; Symphony Op 18/4

Trinity-Laban Chamber Orchestra/Steven Devine (conductor/harpsichord)

13 October 2011, St Alfege, Greenwich


An inspiriting concert with a period instrument specialist who had been preparing modern instrument students for a taste of the Baroque.

Steven Devine explained that augmented orchestras like Trinity's would have been quite usual in J C Bach's time in London. He commended the voluminous programme notes prepared by Ann van Allen-Russell and gave a vivacious account of one of the John Christian's 6 keyboard concertos which were dedicated to the Queen. The last movement of this Concerto no 6 is a set of variations on God Save the King - Steven Devine advised that we didn't need to stand up for it!

Peter Grahame Woolf