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NIGEL OSBORNE The Piano Tuner Trio FRANK LYONS The River Still Sings (world premiere)

Fidelio Trio etc

City of London Festiva 2013, LSO St Luke's 28 June

Always exploring, Nigel Osborne's trio (first performed at COLF 2004) consists of many short pieces and relates to his opera set in war-torn 19C Burma. None of that was apparent from the music, which was good to hear, though without obvious links to its scenario as hinted at in the titles.

It was followed by a meticulous and satisfying account of Ravel's piano trio which profited from the acoustics and space of St Lukes.

Of the Derry composer's multimedia work The River Still Sings, from our point of view the very least said the better; the seeming banality of the music was not at all enhanced by "digitally generated 3D images"; I have searched for a more sympathetic response by newest music cognocent, but found none nearly a week on...

Peter Grahame Woolf