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The Complete Chamber Works

Introduction and Polonaise Op. 3
Trio in G minor Op 8
Grand Duo Concertant on themes from Meyerbeer
Sonata in G minor for Piano & Cello

Jan Kalinowski - cello, Bartłomiej Nizioł - violin, Marek Szlezer - piano

For Chopin completists, this is a recommendable disc, even though his chamber works are really marginal.

The trio has a heavy first movement, but is good to hear after that. The Meyerbeer arrangement is exciting, and the sonata is well done, even though Kalinowski is not the most thrilling of cellists (many have recorded it).

Slezer is excellent and the 1845 Pleyel, in the Polish Library, Paris, is in remarkably good condition, and the real reason to consider this disc. The fully illustrated booklet is excellent, but whether downloaders will see it is questionable?

Peter Grahame Woolf